Community Building

A Lilly Fellow Explaining her Poster to a group.

F&OD’s role in organizational development includes efforts to support and promote community building.  This is particularly important at a large research university like MSU with over 10,000 academic staff in 18 colleges.   

F&OD’s orientations, seminars, workshops and cohort programs all provide opportunities for informal networking, community building, in-depth conversations, and problem-solving, enabling academics from across the disciplines to come together for both academic and social experiences. 

F&OD sponsors an Annual Reunion of Fellows from the CIC Academic Leadership Program, Executive Leadership Academy, Lilly Fellows Program and Adams Academy for Instructional Excellence and Innovation.  Over the past two decades, these cohort programs have included over 300 Fellows who have spent a year exploring academic leadership and/or teaching and learning.  The Reunion Event provides a venue to reconnect annually with their cohorts, meet and network with new people from across campus who share their interests, and forge new collaborations and friendships.  They also hear from an MSU campus leader about new and innovative initiatives at MSU. 

F&OD supports networks, including the Faculty Emeriti Association (FEA), the Faculty Development Virtual Network, and the Network of Associate Deans and Directors of Faculty Development, which will have its inaugural meeting in Spring 2012. 

F&OD sponsors the F&OD Advisory Board, comprised of tenure system and fixed term faculty, academic administrators, an academic specialist, and a doctoral student, who provide ongoing input to us on our programs and services.  

We participate in cross-campus networks, including the Intercultural Education Network (IEN), that promotes and supports multicultural efforts across campus.

F&OD is often called upon to plan and implement special cross-campus programming that will bring together members of the MSU and E. Lansing/Lansing communities.  These have included a series of multi-disciplinary public discussions on Hurricane Katrina and the Tsunami in SE Asia. 

In the past, F&OD sponsored Meet Michigan Traveling Seminars and Social Gatherings for Faculty.  Although thee two programs are currently on hiatus, they also represent our long-standing efforts to support community building at our institution and beyond our walls. 

If you have suggestions for additional ways to support our colleagues through cross-disciplinary events and networking, please contact Cindi Leverich at