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  • The Office of Faculty and Organizational Development

    The Office of Faculty and Organizational Development

    Welcome to the website of the Office of Faculty and Organizational Development (F&OD) at Michigan State University.

    Our Website Redesign. In addition to easier navigation that is ADA compliant, the new website will allow you to view and manage your F&OD program participation. The first time you register this year, you will be asked to complete a user profile that will be saved. When you register for future programs, you will only need to log-in and your registration can be completed with a simple click.

    Faculty & Instructional DevelopmentScholarship & ResearchCommunity BuildingOrganization & Leadership DevelopmentOrientation

    Our mission is to provide support for faculty, academic administrators, and academic staff in their quest for excellence across the tripartite mission of teaching, research, and outreach and across the career stages through a comprehensive program of professional development activities including: 

    The F&OD logo.  Our new F&OD logo is comprised of five interlocking puzzle pieces, each representing one strand of our efforts to support you. You will see these on our brochures, folders, and redesigned website. It is our hope that this graphic will clarify the range of what we do in F&OD; help you to navigate among your many options for programs, services and resources; and underscore the synergies among them.

    F&OD Structure.  F&OD reports to Academic Human Resources in the Office of the Provost.  The F&OD Team is led by Deborah DeZure, Assistant Provost for Faculty and Organizational Development, with collaboration and support from F&OD staff.  An F&OD Advisory Board provides ongoing input.