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Office of Faculty and Organizational Development (F&OD) at Michigan State University.

The F&OD logo. The F&OD logo is comprised of five interlocking puzzle pieces, each representing one strand of our efforts to support you. You will see these on our brochures, folders, and redesigned website. It is our hope that this graphic will clarify the range of what we do in F&OD; help you to navigate among your many options for programs, services and resources; and underscore the synergies among them.

F&OD Structure. F&OD reports to Academic Human Resources in the Office of the Provost. The F&OD Team is led by Deborah DeZureAssistant Provost for Faculty and Organizational Development, with collaboration and support from F&OD staff. An F&OD Advisory Board provides ongoing input.


Mid-term Student Feedback
A teaching assessment technique designed to elicit formative feedback from students during the semester, when it can be acted on to improve the course and students’ learning.

Resources on Faculty Mentoring
For those new to this topic as well as those already involved in a mentoring program.


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